How To Guest Blog And Grow Your Business

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Buffer started out as a side project between 3 co-founders. Within 9 months, it had already acquired 100,000 users and been featured in many high profile publications.

Leo Widrich has developed his formula for user acquisition and gaining press attention through a simple - but disciplined - approach to guest posting on blogs. This is his detailed process on how to be a guest blogger and how to get more customers through a popular blog.

Mashable named Buffer one of the "Top 5 tech companies that get content marketing right". The brain behind the strategy is Leo Widrich, co-founder, social marketer, and blog trailblazer. 

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or guest blogging tips, but a comprehensive, real-world process for implementing a successful content marketing and guest blogging strategy. You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Developing A Popular Blog - Leo will take you through critical steps that can seem obvious but are very difficult to nail. His framework will help you develop and incredibly popular blog just like the one he built at Buffer!
  • Leverage Your Blog To Become A Guest Blogger - Guest blogging will get easier with time and as your blogging credibility grows. Leo’s formula will help you maximize your impact while minimizing the time it takes to get there by giving you an extensive list of great sites that accept guest post and where to seed information about your business. It’s the 80/20 formula all successful bloggers use.
  • Getting Consistent Press From Your Blog - Leo will show you how to turn “getting press” for your business or startup into a regular occurrence with your blog and through guest posts on major industry sites.
  • Build For The Future - Leo and the team at Buffer never focus on the present. This process makes great use of “human touch” techniques in order to leverage blogging, micro-opportunities, and relationships to build for the future and bigger growth.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Leo Widrich; authentic documents used by Leo and Buffer; and the benefits of the platform to interact with others using the same guide!
Blogging is still the #1 user acquisition and growth tool for startups and businesses - but it often get overlooked due to perceptions of how much time and effort it can take. But executed correctly, it can contribute to significant growth and brand visibility like it did for Buffer in just 9 months! 

Get Leo Widrich’s guide on How To Guest Blog to get more users, more press, and grow your business faster.

  • Understanding Content Marketing

    • Build A Following, Not A Consumer Base.

    • 15 Grammar Goofs To Avoid

    • 22 Ways To Create Compelling Content

    • 21 Types Of Content That Audiences Love

    • The Psychology Of Color

    • The 4c's Of Content Creation

  • Developing A Blog

    • Treat Your Product As Finished

    • Set Clear Objectives

    • Come Up With Your One Number

    • Become A Blogger

    • Tell Your Own Stories

    • Create Your Unique Blog Post Template

    • Growing Your Blog: Write 1-2 Posts Per Day

    • Position Your Content Around The Product

  • Leveraging Your Blog

    • Research Potential Guest Blogging Sites

    • Tier The Potential Guest Blogging Sites

    • The 3 Types Of Guest Blog Posts

    • Reach Out To Guest Blogs (Email)

    • Reach Out To Guest Bloggers (Twitter)

    • Develop Relationships With Bloggers

    • Build An Audience

  • Getting Press

    • Get On MuckRack, HARO

    • Seeding Your Business

    • Develop A Greater Focus

    • Research The Writers

    • Craft The Email Pitch

    • (Optional) The 4 Types Of Pitches

    • The Art Of Timing That Pitch

    • Getting First

  • Building For The Future

    • The Post Comments

    • Emphasize The Writer

    • Monitor Different Streams

    • Follow Up With The Writer

    • Make Getting Covered A Habit, Not An Accident

    • Measure Your Stats

    • Keep Guest Blogging


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